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Soil Consultants Limited is a private and independent ground investigation and analytical company which was established in 1988. We currently operate a variety of investigation techniques and provide both geotechnical and geo-environmental advice for projects within the UK. Our company is dedicated to satisfying the geotechnical and environmental requirements of today’s developers and strives to produce a cost effective, efficient and reliable ground investigation service.


Our team of geotechnical/geo-environmental engineers is well qualified to provide expertise for a wide variety of services. We have an active training programme and encourage all engineers to work towards becoming either chartered geologists or engineers. Our directors each have in excess of 20 years’ experience in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering.


SCL have carried out more than 10,000 investigations nationally over the past 30 years and have an unquestionable pedigree/track record. Our extensive nationwide coverage has meant that over the years, we have gained considerable geotechnical knowledge of the UK soils. Our experience in Central London is unparalleled, with well over 150 projects completed within the City square mile alone.

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A Phase 1 Desk Study is an important part of the site investigation process, irrespective of whether the site has been developed or not. These reports are essential for assessing the requirements of a ground investigation from both environmental and geotechnical perspectives. A well-executed desk study will help to formulate Phase 2 investigation work, targeting specific areas of contamination or identifying requirements for specific geotechnical parameters, culminating in a cost-effective and effective investigation. A Phase1 Desk Study is often a requirement of local authority planning protocols and also warranty providers such as the NHBC


Ground conditions can be one of the greatest hazards to any construction project and are often the cause of large cost and time overruns. A well-designed and executed ground investigation is an essential part of the construction process and Soil Consultants have over 30 years’ experience in designing, planning and undertaking a large variety of investigations.

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Soil Consultants will provide a Ground Investigation Report (GIR) as defined in Eurocode 7. This report will outline the scope and methods of investigation used, identify any investigation constraints and present the results of the intrusive investigation and field/laboratory test results. The strata encountered are described in accordance with BS5930:2015 or other codes as required. Groundwater observations and level measurements are also included.


There are many sites across the UK that have been contaminated by former or current uses, both within and remote from the site. The identification of ground and groundwater contamination and assessment of risks to the end-user and other receptors are key issues which can significantly affect development. Soil Consultants will use the results of the Phase 1 Desk Study to design a site-specific Phase 2 intrusive investigation which will target potential sources and allow an assessment of the level of contamination present

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Head office:

Chiltern House

Earl Howe Road, Holmer Green

High Wycombe HP15 6QT

01494 712494


Essex office

Haven House, Albemarle Street

Harwich, Essex

CO12 3HL

01255 241639

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