Soil Testing and Ground Investigation

Soil Consultants Limited has a wealth of knowledge in soil testing and ground investigation from which we are able to design and conduct geotechnical or environmental investigations.  We work closely with clients and their engineering team to formulate a cost effective program of exploratory work to provide the right data at the right price.

We offer a wide range of exploratory techniques including cable percussion / rotary drilling, window sampling, soil testing, trial pitting along with a whole host of in-situ testing and monitoring techniques.  The fieldwork is controlled by one of our experienced engineers, who are able to monitor progress and make decisions on the spot in order to provide valued and reliable advice.

Our laboratory based in High Wycombe has a highly experienced team and we are able to undertake a majority of routine geotechnical testing.

Benefits of Ground Investigation

  • Mitigate/minimise risk
  • Understanding of potential variations in ground conditions
  • Can lead to economical design of foundations / geotechnical structures
  • Reduce likelihood of unforeseen ground conditions
  • Reduce chances of delays on site
  • Quantify / qualify risk
  • Accurate forecast of budgets

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