Ground Contamination

Ground Contamination Assessment

Ground Contamination Assessment is the identification of contamination at a site along with an assessment of risk to the end user are key issues which can significantly affect development. Soil Consultants are able to provide qualitative and quantitative assessments along with practical advice and solutions based on many years of experience and dealing with local regulators.

In conjunction with the Desk Study information and assessment of contamination test results, we are able to provide a detailed site specific risk assessment and establish if remedial measure are necessary. Our assessments are based on use of the UK government CLEA framework along with recent regulatory published guidelines such as DEFRA Soil Guidance Values [SGV] and, where not available, the LQM/CIEH Generic Assessment Criteria [GAC].

We are mindful of the clients obligations in respect of contamination and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Benefits of a Ground Contamination Assessment

  • Mitigate/minimise risk
  • Understanding of potential variations in ground conditions
  • Can lead to economical design of foundations / geotechnical structures
  • Reduce likelihood of unforeseen ground conditions
  • Reduce chances of delays on site
  • Quantify / qualify risk
  • Accurate forecast of budgets

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