Geotechnical Anaylsis and Slope Stability

Soil Consultants offer a full geotechnical analysis and also interpretation of ground investigation data not only for routine foundation assessment but also for more complex projects where ground movement is critical to the development and neighbouring structures.

Many factors can affect the stability of slopes such as variations in geology both on a macro and micro scale, ground water and human activity. We undertake analysis of critical slope sections using up to date software to provide an understanding of both the slope stability and the factors affecting this stability.

As well as using commercially available software such as Slide, WALLAP and PIGLET, we have developed our own ‘in house’ software to model behaviour of the ground.  In particular we have a well-established capability for modelling ground movements associated with basement construction.  Other typical analysis covers

  • Pile Groups
  • Retaining walls and slopes
  • Re-use of foundations
  • Tunnel / structure interaction
  • Basement heave

Benefits of Geotechnical Analysis and Slope Stability

  • Mitigate/minimise risk
  • Understanding of potential variations in ground conditions
  • Can lead to economical design of foundations / geotechnical structures
  • Reduce likelihood of unforeseen ground conditions
  • Reduce chances of delays on site
  • Quantify / qualify risk
  • Accurate forecast of budgets

Geotechical Anaylsis Example 1Geotechical Anaylsis  Example 2Geotechical Anaylsis Example 3Geotechical Anaylsis Example 4