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Geotechnical Desk Studies – Phase 1 Study

Desk studies are an essential part of the site investigation process, irrespective of whether they have been developed or not. These reports are invaluable in assessing the requirements of a ground investigation not only from an environmental perspective, but also for geotechnical purposes. A well executed desk study can help to formulate investigation work, targeting specific areas of contamination or geotechnical parameters, culminating in a cost effective and targeted investigation.

Our desk studies assimilate all the necessary information to provide a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) and risk assessment. The reports will commonly provide preliminary information and geotechnical assessment of the site and recommendations for exploratory work.

Desk Studies have the potential to save in all aspects of the planning process both in financial terms and time. Where possible the client should be encouraged to undertake a desk study to assess the site prior to specifying a Phase 2 ground investigation.

Benefits of a Desk Study

  • Mitigate/minimise risk
  • Understanding of potential variations in ground conditions
  • Can lead to economical design of foundations / geotechnical structures
  • Reduce likelihood of unforeseen ground conditions
  • Reduce chances of delays on site
  • Quantify / qualify risk
  • Accurate forecast of budgets

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